With integrity, experience and hard work, our company can maintain its solid reputation. Our clients entrust us to meet their expectations. We aim to please, not only our clients, but also their respective clients as well! We strive for our clients to choose us as their primary source for structural steel. If we maintain our goals more business will result, steady growth will follow and a long lasting business relationship can be achieved. This will provide us with the opportunity to continue investing in our company, industry and new technology to remain competitive and a leader in our industry.


Our Company Strengths Include:

Our plant, company vehicles, trailers, factory and office equipment are 100% company owned and debt free. Sanders Steel Inc., year over year, is in the top 10% for overall credit worthiness. We have long established suppliers and sub-trades that value our reputation as a solid and fair company. (Great Credit = Great Prices = Competitiveness) Over the past years, Sanders Steel Inc. has had the ability and continues to provide a bonding capacity equal to its annual sales! (We Can Bond Every Job We Take On!) Sanders Steel Inc. only operates with the top union and non-union steel erection firms in Ontario. The value we place on installation is essential to our reputation.

Sanders Steel Inc. is an owner-operated company. All of our staff, including the President stay involved with the day to day operations of the company. With this comes stability. Our clients trust is earned knowing that we have endured through the good times and recessions over the past few years. We have the strength and ability to deliver and perform when you need a steel project completed. This stability is essential to successful business in the future.

A simple idea that is important to us at Sanders Steel. Great service is the backbone of our company and the key to good customer relations. We believe in delivering on our promises, which means meeting deadlines with no excuses.

Our customer's satisfaction can only be achieved by maintaining our strengths, stability, and service. By maintaining these company qualities, we continue to meet our customer satisfaction goal.